2 – 3 Wheeler Trainings

With thoughtfully designed training modules which focus on helping aspiring women to learn riding 2/3 wheelers, we accommodate these women in small batches of 20 each and handhold them over a 2-4 week training program. 

These sessions are conducted at training tracks specifically dedicated for this purpose. For their convenience and comfort, only women trainers are employed to impart training at these practice tracks. 

 Key Features of the Trainings include:

  • Two and three wheeler driving sessions on dedicated tracks and in a controlled environment
  • Imparting technical skills required to operate electric motor vehicles
  • Sessions on Traffic & road safety by RTA & Traffic police departments
  • Extended assistance in applying for driving license
  • Basic Self Defense trainings

Motivational Sessions

We at MOWO aspire that every woman in our society be equipped with skills that not only make her self-reliant, but also more employable. 

MOWO’s founder, Jai Bharathi has been invited as a keynote speaker at several esteemed public forums, to deliver the essence of her learnings from her extraordinary life journey and the experiences that motorcycling expeditions and MOWO as an initiative have lent her. 

She strongly believes that sharing such lessons and realizations are foundational to creating any social ripple. MOWO being such a small ripple of change this day, can only grow into a wave of transformation if more hands join together to boost the cause.

As a first step, motivational sessions are conducted to encourage girls/women to be more confident and pick up mobility as a skill not just for personal commute but also as an employment skill.

Employment Facilitation 

After having imparted 2/3 wheeler trainings to such aspiring women, we conduct workshops to encourage them so they further utilize their newly acquired skills to gain employment in the mobility sector. They are trained on required soft skills and educated that by driving/riding vehicles for a livelihood, they are directly impacting the safety of several other women who commute, thereby elevating the safety standards of the society/city as a whole.


  • Soft skills training for employability
  • Road readiness programs.
  • Act as a women employment bureau – Place for collecting industry requirements for future employments &opportunities for women
  • A community space for women to interact and nurture healthy bonds.