2 – 3 Wheeler Trainings

In keeping with our goal of making more women access public spaces, we offer 2-4 weeks of training programmes to equip women in two/ three-wheeler driving skills. In our training so far, we have observed that fear is the biggest challenge to learning. So, we have taken measures to directly address this challenge and make trainees feel safe, and comfortable in the training programme. 


We have a thoughtfully designed training programme that spans over 2-4 weeks depending on the level of training the individual requires. Our training sessions are conducted on dedicated tracks and in a controlled environment to ensure that trainees build their confidence over the training period. As part of the training programme, we offer road safety lessons, conducted by the Road Transport Authority. Additionally, we also provide basics of mixed martial arts training to improve individual confidence in accessing the vehicle and roads. 


Our training batches are short – no more than 20 – and our training modules are designed in a way that can reach out to complete beginners. Knowing that not all women will have access to vehicles, we have a fleet of geared & non-geared vehicles which we utilise for training. In our quest to support sustainable mobility, we look forward to adopting the use of electric vehicles for our training based on availability.


Keeping in mind the comfort of the training batches, our training team comprises exclusively of women which removes further barriers to learning. With our tie-ups with government colleges and self-help groups, we create exclusive batches where the group is familiar with others so that they can support each other in the course of their training. We also provide extended assistance after the training in getting them driving licenses. We wish to create more women leaders, so, we train some of the graduates to become instructors as well.

Training in Colleges

We have partnered with Government &  Social Welfare degree colleges at 3 locations in Hyderabad, to provide free two-wheeler driving training sessions for girls and young women. So, far 800 young women have signed up with us, and we have provided complete training for 150 of them.

Training for Self Help Groups

We have partnered with GHMC to provide training from women from self-help groups. These groups are already engaged with GHMC to set up small businesses. Our training sessions give them added skills and open up new employment opportunities. So far, we have trained over 100 women in Hyderabad, who also have valid driver’s

Motivational Sessions

We at MOWO aspire that every woman in our society be equipped with skills that not only make her self-reliant, but also more employable. 

MOWO’s founder, Jai Bharathi has been invited as a keynote speaker at several esteemed public forums, to deliver the essence of her learnings from her extraordinary life journey and the experiences that motorcycling expeditions and MOWO as an initiative have lent her. 

She strongly believes that sharing such lessons and realizations are foundational to creating any social ripple. MOWO being such a small ripple of change this day, can only grow into a wave of transformation if more hands join together to boost the cause.

As a first step, motivational sessions are conducted to encourage girls/women to be more confident and pick up mobility as a skill not just for personal commute but also as an employment skill.

Employment Facilitation 

Several recently created jobs in the mobility sector are filled by mostly by men. Equipping women with the skill of driving a two-wheeler opens up a whole new world of employment opportunities. 

Employment Training

Apart from the skill of driving a vehicle, we also provide soft skills and employment training. Based on individual interest, we work with them to prepare them for working life, with our road readiness programme. 

Creating Jobs

We work with organisations to open up jobs in delivery services for women. Our team liaises and signs exclusive contract with delivery and logistic services companies to assist in placing our training graduates in jobs that suit their requirement. As an extension, we also work as an employment bureau for women, as and when a job requirement comes up, we will reach out to older training graduates who are ready to fulfill the requirement. 

Partnership with Uber Eats 

Uber Eats joined a unique partnership with MOWO exclusively to hire our women graduates as delivery partners. This partnership also offers flexible working hours to keep the job accessible to women.

Jobs at Chai Minar

Chai Minar operates mobile tea carts in different parts of the city. With the aim to scale this up to 25 locations, they hired four graduates from MOWO to operate these tea carts.


When we started working with organisations to place our graduates into jobs, we understood that the roadblocks that women face are not fully removed when they find work. Women have different domestic responsibilities and choices making it difficult for them to work in the same capacity as men do in similar jobs. So, we work towards removing those obstacles. 

Offering Continuous Support

Our job does not end once our graduates are placed in a job. We keep in touch and follow up to understand if the job suits them appropriately. Based on their feedback, we reach out to the employer with recommendations for changes to the job contract. This helps in creating a better working environment in the long run for women to access such jobs.

Creating Unique Working Contracts

When we liaise with organisations that provide jobs, we work with them to create a working contract that is unique for our graduates. Their needs and motivations are different, so we work with organisations to build better compensation and incentive scheme, and flexible and convenient working hours. 

Outreach & Awareness

During the course of our work in MOWO, and our founder, Jai Bharati’s outreach activities, we understood that building individual confidence in women is important to contribute towards their mobility and freedom.

Talks, and Workshops

We reach out to several groups of women – young and old – and organise motivational talks and workshops to create solidarity and confidence among them. We introduce them to the idea that they could access public spaces differently if they are independently mobile. We tell them about the changes that MOWO is bringing about and encourage more women to join the movement. 

We believe that these sessions are foundational to creating a social ripple. So far, we have reached out to 1200 women through our outreach activities. MOWO wants to create these small ripples which will one day become a huge wave of transformation. 

ETO Motors Trains Women Auto Pilots

ETO Motors have signed up with us to train and deploy women, auto pilots, for their e-Autos.  We are currently working together to develop training modules and procedures to secure the required statutory permissions and driving licenses.