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SHG leader Sowbhagya now commutes to villages easily

"I am extremely happy that I am able to contribute towards local governance with increased efficiency. There are many more Asha workers and SHG members who need encouragement and training. This will positively impact the political participation of women."

Sowbhagya works as a bookkeeper in the local SHG. Her work requires her to travel to many villages every day. It is often difficult to find transport to travel long distances. Due to the low frequency of public transport, she would often end up travelling in autos which were expensive.

Before the training, Sowbhagya could not even ride a bicycle. She had an inherent fear of riding any kind of vehicle.

However, within the first few days of training Sowbhagya could quickly pick up driving skills. She is happy that she was able to make a lot of friends, meet people from different backgrounds and happier still that she is able to travel on her own and visit villages around.


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