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Self help group leader Anitha has become a role model to women of other SHGs

Anitha is the President of DWRCA Mahila Sangam and General Secretary of Pattana Mahila Samaikhya as well. She leads multiple women groups that fall under her. All women depend on either their family or autos for mobility. They have to spend a minimum of Rs. 100 on an auto to go anywhere outside. They also have to walk all the way to the main road for the same.

They thus resort to learning the two-wheeler from their family members. But learning from someone in the family results in a very superficial training. No one teaches road symbols, safety rules, nor does anyone explain the importance of safety gear like a helmet. MOWO does. MOWO doesn’t teach without an LLR. The well planned, step-wise training course is very easy to understand and remember.

After her training, Anitha rides on her own and is happy that she manages to attend all the meetings on time. Anitha even contacted SHGs in other areas and six more groups were mobilised. She still gets calls from SHGs from different areas inquiring about the training. She has become an inspiration for all local women, and they look up to her, want to be like her, independent and fearless. Being able to ride gave her power.

“Being able to ride gave us power. Now I attend all meetings on time without having to depend on or wait for autos to take me there.”


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