MOWO Social Initiatives Foundation is a not for profit social enterprise registered under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Section 8 License 114193 (Incorporated under Companies act 2013)

They say, expedition stories come together in the course of the journey; but in my opinion, the real story begins much earlier! The events that go into creating the expedition are as crucial (if not more), as the journey itself

Jai Bharathi

After winning the GoUNESCO Challenge by visiting all 28 UNESCO sites in India within one calendar year, a feat that’s unbroken till date, and travelling/ backpacking solo to Turkey, visiting 11 UNESCO Sites in 11 days, and a 17000 km motorcycle expedition across the ASEAN region UNESCO sites, in 2019 our founder, Jai Bharathi embarked on a motorcycle expedition ‘Wheels of Will’ across the United States, riding through UNESCO World Heritage Sites covering 10800 miles in 35 days during September-October.

Through this trip, JB created awareness on #womeninmobilty, while scouting for fund raising options for MOWO Social Initiatives.

The funds raised will be utilized to train many more young girls and women in two wheeler riding, not only for their personal commute but also towards a livelihood opportunity.

Through this campaign, JB met several organizations & individuals through activities conducted by Telugu Association of North America (TANA) and shared her views on the need for #womeninmobility, all while traveling across the 28 states.

1 Woman | 1 Ride | 11111 Miles | UNESCO World Heritage Sites | USA