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During the course of our work in MOWO, we understood that building individual confidence in women is important to contributing towards their mobility and freedom.

We reach out to different groups of women – young and old – and organise motivational talks and workshops to create solidarity and confidence among them.


We introduce them to the idea that they could access public spaces differently if they are independently mobile. We tell them about the changes that MOWO is bringing about and encourage more women to join the movement. 


We believe that these sessions are foundational to creating a social ripple. So far, we have reached out to  more than 15,000 women through our outreach activities.


At MOWO, we understand that these small ripples will one day become a wave of transformation. 

As part of Mowo's outreach programs, our founder JB has led biking expeditions across the world to inspire women to ride, drive and be independent.

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11,111 KMS bike ride across India

JB motorbiked 11,111+ kms across India, over 40 days, to inspire women to realise their innate ability to move their life forward.


Moving boundaries was a one-of-a-kind tour to raise awareness about 'Gender Inclusion in Sustainable Mobility'. The tour hosted awareness events across 20+ cities encouraging women to consider sustainable mobility as a livelihood opportunity.

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11,111 MILES bike ride across USA

In 2019, Jai Bharathi rode 11,111+ miles, across 28 states in the USA in 35 days. The expedition was supported by Telugu Association of North America & fund raising meet ups were conducted throughout the journey, giving way to long term support for MOWO.

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3800 km on-foot journey across India

Srishti was invited to speak at the prestigious TEDWomen 2021 conference which took place at Palm Springs California. She presented to the forum the big idea that ‘Women’s mobility is a form of empowerment, and it needs to be protected and supported’. 

Srishti shared her journey of walking the length of India, a total of 3800 kms from Kanyakumari to Srinagar, Kashmir and conducting hundreds of workshops to help empower women and along the way, how she met incredible women like Jai Bharathi, with whom she has now teamed up to advance the mission of MOving WOmen to drive and move themselves towards safety and independence.


Together Jai and Srishti wish to grow and create the largest network of connected women drivers.

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