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mowo inspriation

Women on their bike taxis  were the biggest inspiration behind  MOWO’s vision of involving more  women in mobility in India. 

“Their presence gave me immense  clarity and grounded my vision  further. I knew this was my purpose” 

- Jai Bharathi  



Jai Bharathi, Mowo's founder, set out on a first-of-its-kind cross-country motorcycle expedition to five countries from India to – Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia to Vietnam, and back – covering 17000 km in 56 days,


This trip was the inspiration for MOWO .


After crossing our second foreign land border in Myanmar, we entered Thailand where we had to face an exhausting six hours paperwork at immigration. Hungry and tired, we stopped to binge on some street food. Across the road, I saw a group of women, most of whom were in their 40s & 50s, standing at a junction with their scooters.

These ladies were bike taxi operators. I  spoke to them, sought permission, and clicked a picture of theirs because it was a significant and powerful takeaway from my expedition. Because that's when I found my purpose.

- Jai Bharathi



A year later, MOWO was born -  a social enterprise committed to getting more women on the streets, on their independent vehicles.

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With more women trained in driving two and three-wheelers, we will see more women occupying our public spaces. We will also witness more women access employment opportunities beyond the limited options that are currently available.


We are committed to creating a generation of confident women who are equipped with mobility as a skill for empowerment and employment. 

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