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Urban Women Mobility

Hyderabad, the fastest growing metropolis in India, is home to many reputed MNCs in IT, banking, pharma, construction and several other sectors. While employment opportunities have grown by leaps and bounds, commuting to and from the workplace has become a major challenge for many – especially for women. Many young girls working in night shifts travel through the city at odd times, raising the need to provide a safer and reliable option for them to travel carefree.

MoWo (Moving Women) aims to address this challenge by bringing women to the forefront and letting them carve their own path to success.

MoWo’s mission is to create a safe and reliable commute option ‘For women – By women’ and in doing so empower women to become self reliant and confident.

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At MOWO,we believe in imparting quality training programs which begin with motivational sessions, practise on the bikes to getting valid driving licenses.



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