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Amrita got more time to focus on her tailoring business

Life became difficult for Amrita when her husband, an auto-driver, met with an accident. She had to juggle between her household duties and the tailoring business, for she was now also the sole bread-winner in the family. Since she was always dependent on her husband for delivering consignments or procuring raw material, she now had no other option but to commute on foot, multiple times to multiple places during the day.

Often, Amrita couldn’t reach the shop on time and missed out on several business opportunities.

These losses in business jeopardised her livelihood. This motivated her to enrol with MoWo to learn to ride a two wheeler.

Her need for a convenient mode of commuting to fulfil her duties as a mother, wife and an entrepreneur was what encouraged her to learn this life skill.

Amrita after having learnt the basics of two-wheeler driving, managed to learn how to drive a motorbike on her own. Subsequently, she also learnt to drive an auto-rickshaw.

A gleeful Amrita says, “I now drive my husband’s auto whenever I have to shuttle between my home and the shop. I no longer have to keep my customers waiting! My business is thriving. Learning driving skills has changed my life in so many ways!”


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