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A world of opportunities opened up for Praveena

Praveena is a housewife, while her husband, a BHEL employee, took care of all chores outside of home on his bike or a car. When he was diagnosed with a neurological problem, Praveena found herself struggling with new responsibilities which needed her to be independently mobile.

"Mowo helped me rediscover myself. I not only learnt to ride a bike but I also learnt how to drive a car. MOWO is my true knight in shining armour. I am a very different person now after Mowo changed my life in a beautiful way."

Every time she went out, she ended up spending a lot of money on transport. She tried to learn to ride from a relative but was scared she might damage their vehicle.

Praveena signed up with MOWO to learn to ride. She found the trainers really helpful and her batchmates encouraging. She felt valued when MOWO suited her in protective gear and handed over the vehicle to her.

She continued her training by borrowing her sister’s two wheeler. Now, she has her own Scooty and has even learnt how to drive a car. She has a driving licence now and is also applying for jobs.

The outcome: Praveena overcame her fear, and today, she can ride a scooty, a bike and even drive a car. With an ailing husband and the burden of the household, mobility has empowered her.


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