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Ashwini learnt that her height did not really matter.

Before training, Ashwini felt it was impossible to drive a two-wheeler as she was often termed as a person of short stature and everyone discouraged her citing the same reason.

Although enthusiastic, she felt extremely scared and demotivated to learn to drive.

After counselling sessions coupled with the meticulous training helped Ashwini overcome her fears. She was happy to learn that driving has nothing do with an individual's height.

An excited Ashwini says, “Now I have also taught two-wheeler driving to my cousin sisters, and friends. I now feel a lot more confident to get on to a Scooty and drive around my town without any fear! I can’t believe that until a few months back, I was scared to even step out of the house. Thank you, team MoWo!”

Earlier: Ashwini lives with a single mother and was dependent on her cousin brothers to commute within the town. Now: Ashwini is teaching others to ride!


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