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From fear to faith, Vijaya Laxmi's journey will inspire you.

A bad experience of falling over had impaired Vijay’s confidence to ride. With MOWO she not only found steady ground, but also the wings to take off and win the road. Who said you can’t be a student at the age of 42? Vijay Laxmi had an A+ performance right from basic training to safety drills to being one with the wheels.

Vijaya Laxmi’s husband lives in Delhi, and she in Hyderabad. Raising 3 kids and looking after the household is entirely her responsibility.

She was always enthusiastic to learn the two wheeler, and so her husband bought one for her. He tried teaching her, during the course of which she hit a wall and fell. This incident created a fear of riding in her.

To go and come back from school for a parent-teacher meeting, she’d have to spend Rs. 120. To get things for her kids, to buy vegetables and supplies for the house, rounds of the market would cost her a minimum of Rs. 100.

The expenses of commuting, coupled with the inconvenience of rickshaws created the need to learn a vehicle. She had one, only, she didn’t know how to ride it. But what would she do about the fear?

When she shared this with her friend Anitha, she found out about MoWo. She signed up for our training, and then there was no stopping her. Through our tailored training programme and motivation sessions, she was able to learn to ride and overcome her fear. It gave her power, strength and independence.


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