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Nandini found meaning & now empowers other women as a trainer.

Nandini is a B. Pharmacy graduate, who always thought that securing a job in a pharma company would probably be the only livelihood opportunity she could aim for. During the pandemic, moving back to her hometown in Narayanpet District made it difficult for her to find gainful employment.

When she enrolled with MoWo, she was just responding to an opportunity presented. It was enthralling when she realised that she could teach fellow women to ride, a skill she had, but didn't know could turn into a livelihood opportunity.

She, as a trainer now realises that making a difference in other people's lives is the most rewarding and satisfying job.

After the completion of two-wheeler training, Nandini went ahead and learnt to be an instructor herself. She realised that teaching fellow women to drive could be one of the most rewarding and satisfying livelihood opportunities.

“For the first time in my life, I have realised that there are different livelihood opportunities out there. It’s extremely gratifying to see women feel empowered when they pick up driving skills. Now, people recognise me as someone who does meaningful work and I don’t think I can ask for more!”


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